Trend Alert: Painting the Ceiling

Until recent years, white was considered the best color to paint a ceiling. It was thought to draw as little attention to the ceiling as possible. But what’s the fun in that?

A recent trend that we are seeing in the home decor industry is painted ceilings. Here at The Mix, we have a few tips and tricks for those of you considering painting your ceilings.

1. Check your height.

High ceilings, dark color, paint colors, Benjamin Moore
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The height of your ceiling makes a difference when you are choosing a paint color for your ceiling. If your ceilings are higher than 9 feet, a darker color will bring the ceiling down a bit and make the room feel warmer and more cozy. Consider going one or two shades darker than the wall color to keep the theme similar, like in the picture above. If your ceilings are below 9 feet, use a paint one or two shades lighter than the paint on the walls. This light color will open up the room and bring warmth to the environment.

2. Bring the color up.

painted ceilings, teal ceilings, teal paint
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As an alternative, bringing the color from the walls onto the ceiling makes the ceilings seem higher and the room more spacious. This is a great trick for rooms that are a bit small. This robin egg blue in the picture above pulls the eyes up from walls and brightens up the small area.

3. Go metallic.

patterned ceilings, paint ceilings,
Image via

If you search “Paint Ceilings” on Pinterest, you will find a variety of ways to take the texture OFF of your ceiling. (Those popcorn ceilings? Bleh!) A new trend is emerging for your ceilings though. Benjamin Moore, along with other paint suppliers, are offering ceiling paints in a variety of colors, including metallic paints like the one pictured above. These metallic paints, coupled with a simple pattern, add a unique design and luxuriousness to your ceilings that open up the room.

4. Use molding.

molding, ceiling paint, painting ceiling
Image via

If you are looking to make the ceilings and light fixtures a focal point in your room, check out this beautiful way to add molding and color to your ceilings. This tactic of layering molding and color creates a beautiful way to open up your ceiling and make the room feel more elegant and exciting.

When choosing a paint color for your ceiling, it is important to consider lighting, size of the room, and room decor. All in all, we are thinking this hot trend will be sticking around for a while!

– The Mix Team


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