Home Office Design and Decor

Sometimes it can be really hard to focus at home. Really hard. There’s so many distractions! So many fun things to do! (And, if you’re like me, so many kittens to play with!) However, when it comes to homework, paying bills, or working on things for the business, it’s important that I stay focused and on track. Having a home office that is functional and beautiful is important for me to get things accomplished!

Here are some tips and tricks from us at The Mix to help you design the perfect home office:

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1. Think about your needs.

What are you planning to do in your office? Is it a space that will be used primarily for online typing and publishing? Or will you need more room for storing files? Visualize what types of equipment you will need in the office to make it conducive for your work. The picture above is an example of someone utilizing their area so they have storage in cabinets and shelves, a space for their computer, and room to layout any materials they may have.

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2. Choose a great design.

Think about what color scheme you may want for your home office. Are you someone who needs a calm, serene environment to create? Or would you rather have a vibrant, inspiring environment to keep you awake and focused? By settling on a design idea, you can create a cohesive environment that will help you produce your best work. The office space above shows someone who wanted a calm and elegant area with a grey and creme color scheme. The desk adds a pop of color that really brings the room together. I love this beautiful desk from The Mix that comes in a variety of finish colors to fit into many different design ideas!

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3. Keep it organized.

Organization is key with a home office. If your office is messy, or overflowing with papers, then you will not be able to be productive there. The picture above shows a great mix of organizational tools for a home office. There is a calendar and white board for messages, as well as baskets that are well labeled so everything has a place. Finally, a bit of decor that fits the theme really pulls the wall together. I am completely in love with this bookshelf from The Mix (which comes in so many colors to match your design aesthetic!)

home office, office decor, mint color, office
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4. Make it personal.

Of course, working from home is allowing to work to come into a sacred place for you and your family. Keep your home office personal, to remind you of the things that matter most to you. In the picture above, the bridal picture really takes the room up a level to make it feel sweet and personal.

In a future post, we will discuss different ways to choose furniture for your home office. For now, check out our Pinterest board for more Home Office inspiration!

– The Mix Team

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