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Trend Alert: Wallpaper Your Bathroom

Let’s face it. We love wallpaper, and we especially love it in our bathroom! While other rooms may be too large for a bold patterned wallpaper on all of the walls, bathrooms lend themselves to a bit of whimsical fun. Wallpaper can be particularly fun in a powder room or guest bathroom! It shows your guests personality and can be a great conversation starter.

Today, we have gathered up some of our favorite wallpapered bathrooms, and put together some exciting ways to incorporate wallpaper into your home design.

bathroom wallpaper black and white bathroom wallpaper stripes bathroom wallpaper bold colors bathroom whimsy


For more information about the pictures used, or to get more awesome bathroom inspiration, check out our Pinterest board!


Tips for Buying Patio Furniture

It’s Friday, the weather is feeling like spring, and we just want to be outside. Today, we have pulled together a list of tips for buying patio furniture that will help kickstart your spring to do list and help you create that backyard escape that you will be craving all summer long!

1. Determine the Function

Uses for Backyard


What you choose to do in your backyard will determine what type of furniture you may want to purchase. When going for a relaxation getaway, you will need more lounging furniture. If you are looking to host nighttime garden parties, chic lanterns and tall furniture that people can use to mingle around will be more important.

2. Make a List

Cute List

Make a shopping list. Think about your main functions of your yard and put together a list of your needs and wants. Will you need lighting? What about bug prevention? Do you want a whole dining table outside, or will a picnic table do? How many chairs should you buy? All of these are considerations you should make when planning your shopping trip.

3. Test It Out

red patio furniture

You want to make sure that your furniture is comfortable and inviting. Looks are important, of course, but in the end, you won’t consistently sit on something that isn’t comfortable. Try out the furniture setups in the store, or read recommendations if you are purchasing online.

4. Go For Quality

elegant patio furniture


It’s easy and cheap to buy plastic chairs, and they are pretty comfortable, but you will find yourself with chairs dulled by the sun and brittle from being exposed to the elements. Instead, invest in lasting pieces that will elevate your outdoor patio and keep the luxurious feel for years.

5. Add Some Color

colorful deck chairs
 As always, here at The Mix, we love adding color to any and every room. That extends to our patio! You are not limited to wicker, wood, and metal colors when choosing patio furniture. Instead, add colorful pillows, paint the wood (like the picture above!), or use decor to add a splash of color to your outside oasis.

It’s not hard to create an outside space that is personal and functional with a bit of flair! For more outdoor inspirations, check out The Mix’s Outdoor Furniture collection and our Pinterest boards!

How to Make Your Foyer Great

When you walk into someone’s home for the first time the hallway that you see gives an instant impression of what the rest of their home will look like. Entryway, foyer, hallway.. Whatever you call it, it is important. It sets an immediate tone of your home, and it makes a personal statement about your home and your family.

Personalize the Hallway

Personalizing Entryways

The easiest way to make someone feel welcome in your home is to make them feel like part of the family. Add personal pictures to your entryway to show visitors your pride and joy, or include memorabilia and decor that represents your interests and passions.

Add Mirrors

Add Mirrors to Entryway

Adding a mirror opens up an otherwise narrow space. Use multiples to create dimension, or go oversize to make the mirror a statement piece in the hallway. Either way, mirrors can add some serious luxury to a room, and who doesn’t like checking how they look on the way out the door?


Organize Entryways

When walking in the door, the first thing you want to do is drop your keys, drop your purse, and kick off your shoes. Instead of letting all of these things pile up around the door and create clutter, put a coat rack, key hanger, or boxes for shoes and purses. Your guests will enjoy knowing exactly where to place everything when they walk in.

Add Color

Add Color to Entryway

As always, we love to make a statement, especially when that statement is the first thing you see when walking in the home. Use color to amp up your foyer and show your personality by adding great decor. We’ve already talked here, here, and here about how much we are loving on wallpaper lately, and this floral wallpaper makes a HUGE statement!

As always, you can find links to the pictures we used on our Pinterest board. For each picture, I pulled products from The Mix’s website that you can purchase to add serious fun to your entryway (or anywhere else in your home!)

For more inspirations, follow us on Pinterest!

Our Favorite Nursery Inspirations

Happy Friday! With Spring weather finally kicking in, we are loving all things new and fresh–including babies! The nursery is one of the funnest ways to incorporate a new design into your home. We wanted to bring you a few of our favorite nursery ideas for those of you who are expecting (or planning) a new arrival in your home!


gray and red baseball nursery
Loving the gray and red!


rainbow nursery
Love this theme!








Radiant Orchid nursery
Inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year — Radiant Orchid




blue and green nursery
That light fixture!









teal and pink nursery
Loving this color scheme!



wooden autumn nursery
The wooden wall set this apart!










With so many great ideas, how can you choose just one?! All of these are unique nurseries that could fit in with a variety of home designs.

For more nursery inspirations, check out The Mix’s Nursery Pinterest board!

Unique DIY for the Kitchen

The kitchen is my favorite room in my house. I don’t like to eat all that much, and I definitely hate cleaning the dishes, but there’s something inviting and warm about the kitchen. Not only is it the space which nourishes us, but it also welcomes in our friends and family and allows us to provide for them.

People must have been noticing how important the kitchen is, because Pinterest is simply abounding with ideas for ways to make your kitchen (big or small!) your own. Here at The Mix, we love providing a bit of inspiration for our readers, and today, we wanted to pull together some great ideas for making your kitchen unique and yours! (Click on the pictures to visit the website!)

coat hanger towel rack
Loving the rustic coat hangers!



wine rack attached to cabinet
For all of you wine drinkers!
bent spoon frame holder
Love the bent spoons and seasonal decor!








cheese grater light fixtures
What a unique idea!






pull-out spice rack
Don’t let space go wasted!








open shelves kitchen space
Love the look of these open shelves!











The kitchen is so customizable and open for a variety of options! Hopefully, you can get some inspiration from these great pictures and turn your own kitchen into something beautiful and unique!

For more inspiration, check out our Kitchen Inspirations Pinterest board!


The Mix: Adding Character To Your Dining Room

Down south, the dining room of a house is often a very formal room, but is also filled with laughs and amazing food. As a kid, we would visit our grandparent’s house every Sunday. While there, we would play with our cousins, eat rice and gravy, and make candy with our grandmother. To accommodate all of this wonderful fun, you need to create a space that is warm and not stuffy. One of the ways that we love doing this is to create a funky mix of old and new, patterns and solids, soft and strong. Here at The Mix, we have scoured the inter webs to find great examples that will inspire you!

Mix up your chairs!

home decor, home design, dining room, mix
Image via
home decor, home design, dining room, mix, chairs
Image via

Add an eye-catching rug!

home design, home decor, dining room, mix
Image via
home design, home decor, dining room, rug, mix
Image via

Add a pop of color!

home decor, home design, red, dining room, mix, color
Image via
home decor, home design, dining room, color, mix
Image via

Use a bench!

home decor, home design, dining room, mix, bench
Image via
home decor, home design, dining room, bench, mix
Image via










The Mix has all of your dining room needs, so check out our eclectic choices of chairs, tables, and sideboards!

And, for more inspiration, check out our Dining Room Inspirations board on Pinterest!

Home Office Design and Decor

Sometimes it can be really hard to focus at home. Really hard. There’s so many distractions! So many fun things to do! (And, if you’re like me, so many kittens to play with!) However, when it comes to homework, paying bills, or working on things for the business, it’s important that I stay focused and on track. Having a home office that is functional and beautiful is important for me to get things accomplished!

Here are some tips and tricks from us at The Mix to help you design the perfect home office:

home office, home decor, office decor, home design
Image via

1. Think about your needs.

What are you planning to do in your office? Is it a space that will be used primarily for online typing and publishing? Or will you need more room for storing files? Visualize what types of equipment you will need in the office to make it conducive for your work. The picture above is an example of someone utilizing their area so they have storage in cabinets and shelves, a space for their computer, and room to layout any materials they may have.

home office, design, home design, calming
Image via

2. Choose a great design.

Think about what color scheme you may want for your home office. Are you someone who needs a calm, serene environment to create? Or would you rather have a vibrant, inspiring environment to keep you awake and focused? By settling on a design idea, you can create a cohesive environment that will help you produce your best work. The office space above shows someone who wanted a calm and elegant area with a grey and creme color scheme. The desk adds a pop of color that really brings the room together. I love this beautiful desk from The Mix that comes in a variety of finish colors to fit into many different design ideas!

home office, organizing, corkboard, baskets
Image via

3. Keep it organized.

Organization is key with a home office. If your office is messy, or overflowing with papers, then you will not be able to be productive there. The picture above shows a great mix of organizational tools for a home office. There is a calendar and white board for messages, as well as baskets that are well labeled so everything has a place. Finally, a bit of decor that fits the theme really pulls the wall together. I am completely in love with this bookshelf from The Mix (which comes in so many colors to match your design aesthetic!)

home office, office decor, mint color, office
Image via

4. Make it personal.

Of course, working from home is allowing to work to come into a sacred place for you and your family. Keep your home office personal, to remind you of the things that matter most to you. In the picture above, the bridal picture really takes the room up a level to make it feel sweet and personal.

In a future post, we will discuss different ways to choose furniture for your home office. For now, check out our Pinterest board for more Home Office inspiration!

– The Mix Team