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Trend Alert: Wallpaper Your Bathroom

Let’s face it. We love wallpaper, and we especially love it in our bathroom! While other rooms may be too large for a bold patterned wallpaper on all of the walls, bathrooms lend themselves to a bit of whimsical fun. Wallpaper can be particularly fun in a powder room or guest bathroom! It shows your guests personality and can be a great conversation starter.

Today, we have gathered up some of our favorite wallpapered bathrooms, and put together some exciting ways to incorporate wallpaper into your home design.

bathroom wallpaper black and white bathroom wallpaper stripes bathroom wallpaper bold colors bathroom whimsy


For more information about the pictures used, or to get more awesome bathroom inspiration, check out our Pinterest board!


Trend Alert: Pantone’s Dazzling Blue

A few weeks ago, Pantone came out with their Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report. While these colors are intended to primarily apply to the fashion industry, we decided to steal some of their amazing colors for home decor. Art imitating art, right?

Lately, I’ve been so attracted to all things BLUE. New purse? Blue. New dress? Blue. New throw pillows? Blue. So, of course, when looking at the various choices of spring colors, I was drawn to Dazzling Blue, and Pinterest did not let me down.

Pantone Dazzling Blue Home Decor

This blue pairs well with whites or with other colors. We are loving it with oranges, greens, and yellows! Paint the walls, use it on accessories, or create a focal point in your room by keeping the color isolated for a pop!

As always, check out our Pinterest board to see more inspirations and get information on the pictures we’ve shown here!

How do will you use Dazzling Blue in your home?

How To: Create a Focal Point in Your Room

A focal point is an object in the room that draws a guest’s eyes away from the mess and clutter, and instead starts conversation and adds interest. At least, in my household, there’s mess and clutter. Oops.

Focal points can be a variety of different objects in your home, and today at The Mix, we will outline a few different ways to incorporate a focal point into your already existing design.

Go Bold with Color

bold patterned chairs

Add a bold color is the easiest way to draw attention to an item. For example, if you are looking to add more seating to your living room, consider choosing a chair that has a bright pattern or color, like the one picture above. In an otherwise neutral room, these chairs would stand out and draw guests in.

Pick a Statement Piece

statement piece focal point

This piece doesn’t have to be furniture or even functional (as evidenced by the picture above!). The only purpose of this piece is to make a statement about who you are and what your design aesthetic is.

Use the Walls

shutter wall diy art

Of course, painting an accent wall is old news. Add wallpaper, texture, or amazing artwork to draw the eye and make a statement in any room of the house. We are absolutely loving the look and color scheme of this shutter wall!

For more inspirations, check out our interior decor Pinterest board!

Light vs. Dark: The Great Paint Debate

My fiancee and I are in the process of looking for houses to rent or buy, so, of course, decor is a hot topic in our household right now. My style lends itself to more light colors, more whites and creams, with blues and grays. His style, on the other hand, is more rich with darker, deeper colors like maroon and navy. We have gotten to the point that we have decided to stop arguing and just pretend that the other person agrees with us. That always works, right?

With the help of The Internet and all of its glory, I have found some pictures that will put this debate into perspective (and I’ll try not to be biased!)


Light Colors

Light rooms doesn’t have to mean boring rooms. With a lighter wall color, you can do more in terms of decorations, adding accent colors. It’s also easier to change the overall look of your room, rather than completely repainting! Plus, it’s so relaxing and calming… I did say I’d try to be non-biased, right?

home decor, home design, light room, warm paint colors
The blues and greens on this light backdrop!









home design, home decor, white, grey, light colors
The patterns really brighten up this neutral room!









home decor, home design, light colors, space saver
That bookshelf space divider! What a light, bright room!







home decor, home design, striped floors, chandelier
Check out those floors!
home design, home decor, bright spaces, warm colors, living room
Those textured walls! Plus the mirror makes it even brighter!

Dark Colors

Dark colors doesn’t mean a dark room. It’s important to utilize natural lighting when you are painting a dark color or outfitting a room with dark accessories. Dark rooms like the ones below really make a space feel warm, inviting, and comforting, like the perfect cocoon to relax into after a long day on the job.

home decor, home design, dark rooms, dark paint color
The quirkiness of this room with the mismatched furniture!






home design, home decor, kitchen, dark paint
Dark cabinets add drama to your kitchen!


home design, home decor, wine red, bookshelf, dark colors
The red of the walls and furniture perfectly compliment the floor!
home design, home decor, dark colors, nursery, teal
The light rug and trim brightens this dark room!













home decor, home design, dark room, dark paint
The dark floors and walls add dramatic flair to this room!











I think I could hand all of these rooms in my home, light or dark. (I am especially impressed with how many painted ceilings there are!) So, what do you think? Do you like the richness of the dark rooms, or are the light and breezy rooms more your style?

The Mix: Adding Character To Your Dining Room

Down south, the dining room of a house is often a very formal room, but is also filled with laughs and amazing food. As a kid, we would visit our grandparent’s house every Sunday. While there, we would play with our cousins, eat rice and gravy, and make candy with our grandmother. To accommodate all of this wonderful fun, you need to create a space that is warm and not stuffy. One of the ways that we love doing this is to create a funky mix of old and new, patterns and solids, soft and strong. Here at The Mix, we have scoured the inter webs to find great examples that will inspire you!

Mix up your chairs!

home decor, home design, dining room, mix
Image via
home decor, home design, dining room, mix, chairs
Image via

Add an eye-catching rug!

home design, home decor, dining room, mix
Image via
home design, home decor, dining room, rug, mix
Image via

Add a pop of color!

home decor, home design, red, dining room, mix, color
Image via
home decor, home design, dining room, color, mix
Image via

Use a bench!

home decor, home design, dining room, mix, bench
Image via
home decor, home design, dining room, bench, mix
Image via










The Mix has all of your dining room needs, so check out our eclectic choices of chairs, tables, and sideboards!

And, for more inspiration, check out our Dining Room Inspirations board on Pinterest!