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Adding Textures to the Wall

Long gone are the days when off-white walls are the norm. Today, adding rich color and textures can amplify a room and make them seem more rich and luxurious. The best part is that it is so easy to add texture to a wall that is already painted or to incorporate a different design in a room that you are putting a fresh coat of paint on.

Here at The Mix, we have pulled together a few of our favorite tips for you!

Use a Stencil

Stenciled wall paint

Stencils provide a cheap and easy way to add design to your room, and they are so versatile! One option is to use paint on the stencil to create a pattern across the entire room. You can use metallic paints, matte paints, or a complimentary color to make your pattern really pop! Also, we are loving this blog’s idea for using spackle on top of a stencil to create a raised pattern that stands out on your walls.

Create Textured Paint

textured wall painting

There are so many ways to add texture to your painted walls. Some techniques involve painting your wall then going over it with a different color to create texture, while other techniques involve adding the texture to paint before it’s dry. These techniques have been around a while, and can be done in a million different ways! The hardest part is choosing which one you like the most.

Use a Textured Wallpaper

Painted Textured Wallpaper

We’ve talked a few times now about how wallpaper is making a big comeback in the home decor world. Instead of using wallpaper for the entire room, however, designers are using wallpaper in certain areas or on one wall to add spice to a room. We are especially loving textured wallpapers and the added dimension it gives a room! Many of them can even be painted over so the texture stays, but the color changes to suit your decor.

Build Up Your Walls

painted wooden slats

If you are handy, or if you are up for a challenge, adding wood or tiles can really add pizazz to your wall. This article gives a great how-to of how to accomplish the wall pictured above, and makes it seem super easy! If you aren’t up to tackling a project like that, hanging wooden circles, squares, or other shapes that are painted in the same color of the wall can still amp up your wall without it being too complicated.

For more DIY tips, How-To instructions, and inspirations for your home, check out our Pinterest board!


Small Changes That Make an Impact

Springtime also brings with it a need for renewal or a sprucing up in our homes. It’s no coincidence that it’s called “spring cleaning”, after all. However, you can’t go out and buy new furniture every time you want to breath some new life into your room. Luckily, there a few changes you can make in your home that won’t bust your bank, but will give your room a feeling of newness.

1. Freshen Up the Walls

After a while, looking at the same color walls day in and day out can be tiring. A fresh coat of paint, with texture, design, or print, can help make an old room feel new.


yellow and gray striped bedroom

Nothing changes a room more dramatically than a new paint color. It’s not hard to do this fix yourself, and can be relatively cheap depending on your paint choice. Before you dive head first into this project, however, consider what you would like from your room, and also what colors your furniture incorporates. You wouldn’t want to paint your room a bright color that clashes with your favorite chair!


bold bathroom wallpaper

If you’re feeling really brave, consider wallpaper! We aren’t talking about your grandmother’s small floral pattern, but something big and bold that can instantly change the feel of the room. We are loving this bold bathroom!

2. Change Your Decor

seahorse made of driftwood

octopus made of driftwood








If you are looking for a quick change to your room, look no further than decor! Rooms can change with the seasons or the holidays, or you can completely change the theme of the room. (I’m love love loving these driftwood wall hangings from The Mix. Click the pictures to purchase!)


grey and teal bedroom

Sometimes, changing the throw pillows on your bed or sofa can be just what you need to freshen up a room. Pillows bring in a major element of design style, especially if your bed or sofa is a neutral color. In the picture above, changing the room design would be a simple matter of changing the color of the bedding and pillows!


dark room with mirrors

I know that we featured the room above in our Light vs. Dark post, but I just couldn’t get enough of these mirrors! Adding a mirror to your wall will open up the room and make it feel larger. Mirrors also reflect the light in the room, which brightens up the room and makes it feel more warm.

Wall Decor

diy home decor

Whether you choose to Do-It-Yourself, or purchase wall decor from a vendor (like The Mix!), wall decor can have a major impact on your home aesthetics.  Simply change the colors or theme of your decor to add a different twist to your existing home design.

3. Rearrange

Sometimes, all we need to spruce up our homes is to rearrange what we already own into a space that allows for us to be more productive and comfortable.


room with good flow

Simply rearranging your furniture can bring new life to your room. Think about the flow of traffic in your home and figure out where you may feel disrupted. Rearrange your furniture to create a better flow and walkspace.


interesting bird lamp

Lighting is important in living spaces. You don’t want to have a glare on your television when you are laying in bed, and you don’t want to have to squint to read in your favorite chair. Rearrange your furniture so that the lighting is optimal for the activities you do in each room, and add lighting accordingly. (How cute is this bird lamp?? Click on the picture for more information!)

I hope these tips help you with the renewal of your home! Are there in tricks that you swear by in your home?


– The Mix Team

Light vs. Dark: The Great Paint Debate

My fiancee and I are in the process of looking for houses to rent or buy, so, of course, decor is a hot topic in our household right now. My style lends itself to more light colors, more whites and creams, with blues and grays. His style, on the other hand, is more rich with darker, deeper colors like maroon and navy. We have gotten to the point that we have decided to stop arguing and just pretend that the other person agrees with us. That always works, right?

With the help of The Internet and all of its glory, I have found some pictures that will put this debate into perspective (and I’ll try not to be biased!)


Light Colors

Light rooms doesn’t have to mean boring rooms. With a lighter wall color, you can do more in terms of decorations, adding accent colors. It’s also easier to change the overall look of your room, rather than completely repainting! Plus, it’s so relaxing and calming… I did say I’d try to be non-biased, right?

home decor, home design, light room, warm paint colors
The blues and greens on this light backdrop!









home design, home decor, white, grey, light colors
The patterns really brighten up this neutral room!









home decor, home design, light colors, space saver
That bookshelf space divider! What a light, bright room!







home decor, home design, striped floors, chandelier
Check out those floors!
home design, home decor, bright spaces, warm colors, living room
Those textured walls! Plus the mirror makes it even brighter!

Dark Colors

Dark colors doesn’t mean a dark room. It’s important to utilize natural lighting when you are painting a dark color or outfitting a room with dark accessories. Dark rooms like the ones below really make a space feel warm, inviting, and comforting, like the perfect cocoon to relax into after a long day on the job.

home decor, home design, dark rooms, dark paint color
The quirkiness of this room with the mismatched furniture!






home design, home decor, kitchen, dark paint
Dark cabinets add drama to your kitchen!


home design, home decor, wine red, bookshelf, dark colors
The red of the walls and furniture perfectly compliment the floor!
home design, home decor, dark colors, nursery, teal
The light rug and trim brightens this dark room!













home decor, home design, dark room, dark paint
The dark floors and walls add dramatic flair to this room!











I think I could hand all of these rooms in my home, light or dark. (I am especially impressed with how many painted ceilings there are!) So, what do you think? Do you like the richness of the dark rooms, or are the light and breezy rooms more your style?

Trend Alert: Pantone Color Palette — Style Setting

Pantone is known in the art industries as the go-to guide for all things color. Each year, they hold a secret meeting and decide the Pantone Color of the Year. They also release color palettes for the upcoming year. They predict these on-trend color palettes, and people in art, fashion, and even merchandising use these to create their lines for the next big thing!

Here at The Mix, we are all about design aesthetics and keeping  you up to date with the next new thing in home design. This week, we are loving their Style Setting color palette!

pantone, color palette, style setting, home decor, home design, the mix
Image via

Here’s what Pantone has to say about this color palette:

Using Fashion as inspiration for color, materials and in the home, this taste-making palette is about polish, poise and finesse.The purple color family plays off against mahogany, off-white, gray and taupe, and picks up some shimmer with frosted almond and champagne beige.

The subtleties of the neutral colors with the added deep rich hues of the purple really make a room stand out. Here are a few pictures we found to spark your imagination and give you an idea about how to make these colors work.


home decor, pantone, color palette, style setting, home design
Image via
home decor, home design, pantone, color palette, style setting
Image via
wedding decor, home decor, pantone, color palette, style setting
Image via


bouquets, home design, color palette, pantone,
Image via






home decor, home design, pantone, color palette, style setting
Image via



home decor, home design, place setting, style setting, pantone, color palette
Image via














There’s a variety of different ways to incorporate these wonderful purple hues into your room, whether it’s a small pop of color, or a whole wall of paint.

What do you think about this color palette?

– The Mix Team

Trend Alert: Painting the Ceiling

Until recent years, white was considered the best color to paint a ceiling. It was thought to draw as little attention to the ceiling as possible. But what’s the fun in that?

A recent trend that we are seeing in the home decor industry is painted ceilings. Here at The Mix, we have a few tips and tricks for those of you considering painting your ceilings.

1. Check your height.

High ceilings, dark color, paint colors, Benjamin Moore
Image via

The height of your ceiling makes a difference when you are choosing a paint color for your ceiling. If your ceilings are higher than 9 feet, a darker color will bring the ceiling down a bit and make the room feel warmer and more cozy. Consider going one or two shades darker than the wall color to keep the theme similar, like in the picture above. If your ceilings are below 9 feet, use a paint one or two shades lighter than the paint on the walls. This light color will open up the room and bring warmth to the environment.

2. Bring the color up.

painted ceilings, teal ceilings, teal paint
Image via

As an alternative, bringing the color from the walls onto the ceiling makes the ceilings seem higher and the room more spacious. This is a great trick for rooms that are a bit small. This robin egg blue in the picture above pulls the eyes up from walls and brightens up the small area.

3. Go metallic.

patterned ceilings, paint ceilings,
Image via

If you search “Paint Ceilings” on Pinterest, you will find a variety of ways to take the texture OFF of your ceiling. (Those popcorn ceilings? Bleh!) A new trend is emerging for your ceilings though. Benjamin Moore, along with other paint suppliers, are offering ceiling paints in a variety of colors, including metallic paints like the one pictured above. These metallic paints, coupled with a simple pattern, add a unique design and luxuriousness to your ceilings that open up the room.

4. Use molding.

molding, ceiling paint, painting ceiling
Image via

If you are looking to make the ceilings and light fixtures a focal point in your room, check out this beautiful way to add molding and color to your ceilings. This tactic of layering molding and color creates a beautiful way to open up your ceiling and make the room feel more elegant and exciting.

When choosing a paint color for your ceiling, it is important to consider lighting, size of the room, and room decor. All in all, we are thinking this hot trend will be sticking around for a while!

– The Mix Team